February 13, 2013

Mending With Heart

Mending with heart is when you cannot bear to toss out those favorite jeans, but they are falling into a state of "I can't leave the house in them anymore".

Needle and thread girls! Have some fun with thread colors and fabric swatches. Your local Joann's Fabric has a great quilting section that you can browse for inspiration. But, even better how about feedsack cloth?

While you are in Joann's browse the embroidery thread section for fun thread to coordinate with the fabric.

An embroidery hoop will also help as will fabric glue to hold the patch in place as you sew.

Let your heart lead your hand.

I hope this inspires you to give those dungarees an overhaul!

Blessings to you - Julie


Janice Fowler said...

Love this!! And I have a pair of jeans that is JUST approaching this state! THANK YOU For sharing this! :)

Sharon Love said...

I'm going to try this method too. It looks faded, worn and comfortable.